Tinnitus is one of the annoying conditions one can ever have. The ringing in the ear will keep on bugging you that it can even affect your day-to-day activities. You don’t have to endure tinnitus for life because there is a huge array of treatment modalities to choose from and one of which is neuromonics. This is somewhat similar to that of the tinnitus retraining therapy, but there are a few differences between neuromonics and TRT.

What is Neuromonics?

It is a treatment device used for long term tinnitus relief. It was Dr. Paul Davis; an Australian audiologist who developed this device. Neuromonics is very popular in the United States, New Zealand, and Singapore. As a matter of fact, medical centers in these countries offer this modern process as a treatment remedy for tinnitus.Neuromonics

How it functions.

Just like the retraining therapy, this device conditions the auditory system to the sounds produced by tinnitus. This device functions the same way as the iPod, which contains a set of soothing music and the different sounds of nature. Not only that it produces calming sounds, but it also has acoustic neural stimuli, which is very effective in dealing with the annoying sounds produced by tinnitus. For the symptoms of tinnitus to be relieved, you should at least spend three hours of your day listening to the device. Tinnitus gets worse at night and so it is best to use the device during nighttime.

Neuromonics is not just a masking device. It goes beyond that. Its primary role is to break the tinnitus cycle. As the days pass by, you will notice that the symptoms of tinnitus gradually reduced. If you are undergoing this type of treatment, it is very important to set up a schedule of using the device. It is very How Neuromonics Worksimportant to spend some time for yourself because you need to be in calm and relax state when using the device. Free yourself from physical and emotional stress when engaging in this form of tinnitus treatment.

With tinnitus retraining therapy, a white noise is used, which is quite different from that of neuromonics. With this treatment method, music is used which is being enjoyed by so many people. The music is soothing to the ears and mind. One of the essential parts of neuromonics is also counseling. Without counseling sessions, the whole neuromonics treatment method will not be effective. The entire treatment usually lasts for six months.

Who are eligible for neuromonics treatment?

Your audiologist will first assess your general health condition, especially the level of tinnitus and hearing loss. Basically, those who are suffering from chronic and persistent tinnitus are eligible. Those who have complete hearing loss will not benefit from this mode of treatment. There should always be a useable hearing. Neuromonics is designed for adults, but there are some instances when patient below 18 years old can still benefit from this form of treatment. Those people with fluctuating tinnitus can also benefit from this treatment.


Success rate.

About 96% of patients who have used neuromonics tinnitus treatment achieved great results. If you are suffering from tinnitus and have tried different treatment methods, but nothing seemed to work, then now is the time to consider neuromonics. This type of treatment does not mask the effect of tinnitus, but what it does is it treats the possible neurological causes of tinnitus. A lot of patients have tried this treatment modality and they are extremely satisfied with the outcome. It does not offer short term relief, but long term symptom relief.

As with the cost, this tinnitus treatment option is quite expensive as compared with other available treatments for tinnitus. Despite the expensive price tag, a lot of people are still willing to spend their money for such type of treatment because it is proven safe and effective. It gives you greater value for your hard earned money. More than the money, you have to devote your time because it will take six months for the symptoms to completely improve.

Majority of tinnitus patients don’t mind spending six months of treatment; after all, they have been dealing with their tinnitus for months or even years and six months of waiting isn’t that bad at all. You have to remember that it would take some time for the brain to completely get rid of the habit of listening to the sounds produced by tinnitus. If you have the money and time, then now is the time to consider neuromonics as a treatment for ringing ears. It surely gives you great value for your money considering the health benefits it brings.

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